Sunday, March 18, 2012

My question is "Are you proud to be a mother that works outside the home?" I must say I  have never been happy working outside the home and being a mother(I love being a mother not a working one). It was never in my grand plan and I am not sure how it happened. Oh I am sure I was just going to work for a little while, save, and then I would stay home. Of course we all know what happens, we start getting use to this craziness and somehow start justifying it and then before you know it, it is your life. I have friends that love to work. One friend would tell me she couldn't wait to get back to work! Still another missed the adult world and looked forward to going back. Then there was me, crying the night before work started, convinced my daughter would not know who I was, and would start calling the nanny mommy. For some reason I would torture myself and listen to Dr. Laura so I could really feel like a complete and total loser. I am not a Dr. Laura hater, I find her plight to get mothers to stay home honorable and justified.  So back to my initial worries,  none of them happened, ok so maybe in the beginning one of my kids called the nanny mamma, of course her name is Martha so I just figured they were getting the "m" sound confused.
To try and make up for not being a stay at home mom I volunteer for as much as I can. I am a girl scout leader, a soccer mom, chair of the occasional class party, and whatever else I can fit it. My husband does not understand why I do this but of course he does not lay in bed at night regretting working and not being at home, one of the marvels of being a man. At the end of the day I try to remember that I do all that I can and the challenge is in not letting the guilt get in the way of loving them, hugging them, and enjoying them.

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  1. How fun you are blogging! I'll be a follower! Very interesting topic. My heart breaks for you since it's your desire to stay home. You are such a great mom though. You have to do what you can to support your family and make things work. I pray you'll be in a position where a transition of you not working would be smooth and wonderful =)

    - Sarah