Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I spend my day teaching Geometry and Algebra II to high school students in Santa Ana. Sometimes when I tell people what I do they look at me with fear as if I am going to ask them to do an Algebra problem. More often than not I hear"Oh that was not my favorite subject in school." As the fates would have it my 2 school aged children have developed quite the dislike to the subject of math. I am patient all day long with everyone else's child but when it comes to mine, well let's just say "God grant me patience because if you give me strength I might break something!"
The best part of being a working mom is definitely coming home. I love opening the door and hearing "Mommy's home" and having them all run up to me and hug me, and tell me how they missed me. This ritual lasts for about two minutes as we walk over to the homework table to begin the daily check of the work. Most subject areas check out well, except of course for math. How is it I can turn the joys of spending time with my children, and  checking homework into an absolute war zone? They are convinced that I do not know what I am talking about and I explain way too much. I am convinced that they are just not focusing enough and that they need to try harder. Usually by the end of it all we managed to get it done and leave as allies once again. I must say I love summer and time off and anytime my kids do not have homework!

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