Saturday, June 30, 2012

Returning to the blogging world!!!
A Soft Place To Land
I have missed blogging and I thank you for reading my entry. The idea for this blog came to me toward the end of the school year. I have many great memories growing up, but the most poignant memories are those involving my parents providing emotional comfort  during difficult times. I am not referring to comforting our toddlers on falls, or kissing the "owies", I am referring to the one of the worst pains a mother can watch her child experience: heartbreak. Before you start thinking about boyfriends (don't), I am years from that, at least I hope. I am talking about the disappointments that are unavoidable in our child's development, but nonetheless seem at times cruel. My oldest daughter was dealt two devastating blows the last weeks of school. She put her heart and sole into an election and did not win. I know, I know this is not the end of the world, and honestly it was not the losing that was hard, it was hearing from her how her classmates cheered when the other girl won and how she had to keep it together until she got home. Then I had to find the appropriate  time to tell her she did not make a theater group she tried out for. My oldest feels it all, every last bit. There are times, dare I admit it, I wish she would not try because if she does not make it I am not sure I can handle her pain(selfish).  I cried with her and I swear I felt her pain as if it were my own. I held her, kissed her and tried to find the words. Yes she is fine and happy and has more than moved on. When I was in the 6th grade I wanted to win the school spelling bee. I studied for weeks, and I missed the first word. Like my daughter I held it together until I got home. I even tried to hold it together at home. Finally my dad just looked at me and demanded to know what was wrong I just hung my head and cried and he held me and let me. Thanks dad it was all I needed. Sometimes a soft place to land is all we have to give but it's probably all that is needed. 

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